Learn how to use herbs for insomnia
Native Remedies (04/18/2009)

Insomnia is often mistaken for a disease. It is actually a symptom of some other ailment. The natural fall out of this fact is that treating the condition that is implicitly causing insomnia will automatically cure sleeplessness. For example by treating depression you are most likely to be cured of the accompanying sleep problems too.

Sedatives are the easiest way to induce sleep. A sleeping pill taken before bedtime is all it takes to make you get into deep slumber. A sedative acts upon the body quickly and within a few minutes the drowsiness sets in. The irony is that most people use sedatives without realizing that they have addictive properties. Just as treating depression naturally can be of great help to you, herbs for insomnia can help in getting rid of insomnia without causing any side effects.

The herbs that are used for treating insomnia depend on the specific case. In some cases a standalone remedy is required. In other conditions herbal preparations containing a combination of herbs that complement each other is used. Herbs focus on boosting energy levels, curbing stress levels and relieving mental and physical fatigue to treat insomnia. Not only do these herbs cure insomnia but are also effective in treating various other conditions.

For example, valerian root is a common herb used for insomnia. It also eases anxiety and pain.

Lemon Balm, another herb for insomnia, has anti bacterial and anti spasmodic properties. It also helps in maintaining thyroid health and promoting digestion and appetite.

A word of caution needs to be added here! Not all herbs are suited for everyone. In a situation where everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, it is difficult to sift the genuine products from the counterfeit. Simply because you saw an advertisement eulogizing the benefits of a particular herb or a formulation should not be enough reason for you to use it.

Admittedly, herbs do have an edge over conventional drugs because they do not cause any health problems as they cure. But rampant use of herbs can be detrimental to overall health and should be used only when required. It is imperative to know as to which herb will suit a particular condition of insomnia. The next time you need to know about natural remedies for depression or insomnia, check with knowledgeable sources. A specialist will guide you about the best herbs that suit your particular condition of insomnia.

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